Filipino Amerasians in Subic

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Some 30,000 Filipinos worked inside the US naval base, servicing U.S. war ships docked in Olongapo, Philippines during the height of Vietnam war. While thousands of others made their living outside the walls of the base working in bars and sometimes as “freelancer” sex workers on the streets of Olongapo and Subic.
The U.S. and Philippines military relations were rekindled anew with a new defense pact following the country’s row with China over the West Philippine Sea, allowing the U.S. military to build five bases, and a growing number of ships will be stopping by Subic Bay.

In this photo is Brenda Moreno, 49, a Filipina Amerasian, was all but abandoned by a former US serviceman in Olongapo as a child. “Why would we welcome them back?” she asks.

On assignment for The Washington Post.

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